The Lab is a place where professor Ř and his sidekicks are hard at work on tools to bring you joy of creativity.

The Lab

Pils-Fu Lab is a tiny company, software lab, and mostly one-man-shop, where a weird dude with unpronounceable name is thinking hard how to make even more fun while creating things. He usually comes up with strange ideas being hard to explain with words. But once seen one may admit there is something about it.


Our first shot is Colouro: A color scheme designer with unique multi-device preview.

An app for iOS and Android, that let's you create your very own color scheme and preview it in any web-browser on device nearby.

Moreover you can easily plug the instant preview into your web-design workflow in multiple ways.

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Here are ways to get in touch with us

Pils-Fu Lab, s.r.o.
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Czech Republic, EU

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